Friday, 15 October 2010

To Bite Or Run?

Why does Snow White feel so attracted to the red apple? Red has always been a siren calling out a warning, she couldn't have been that naive? There was a full basket of green apples; even the dwarves would have been suspicious of that.
 I feel like Snow White lately, I can't resist the red apple. I’m talking metaphorically of course. They have to be the reddest in the basket or I'm just not interested. Also she had all those adoring, fair enough weird, little men running around after her doing anything she requested upon them. But once that Prince comes along, who she met for what 5 minutes, she dumps all the little fellas and whisks away on the white horse into the sunset. 
I'd love to see a part two for that, where they have ended up sleeping in separate beds as they can’t divorce or they’d have to divide up all the gold, land and castle! There is nothing wrong with settling for something that warms your heart. But if it's not completely satisfying I will have no appetite for it.  For this my punishment is ending up knocked out on the floor by that bad apple...