Thursday, 30 December 2010

What Disney Didn't Tell Us...

Cinderella, nearly every girl's dream eh? Her story has been told in different forms for centuries as it symbolises the hope for justice and reward for each person's hardship. It is a tale spoke to us from a very young age, teaching that as long as you are kind hearted and natured along with being a truly good person, your dreams will come true. This is all well and said, but I regret to admit this, but I think we have to come to realities now that we are fast forward many a year to a new generation where a fairy godmother is not going to pop out of mid air and whisk up a 'happily ever after' for us anymore. Which leads to my inspiration for this piece. I thought, 'What would Cinderella be like and do, if she was a girl in our generation today?' So here she is. Alone at 1.30am drinking an Apple Martini as she’s been stood up. Of course through the decades since the original I had to convert the outfit by raising the skirt length a bit :P

Some may disagree but I think she connects now a lot more than her tale back in the 40's/50's, even though I do admit I have adored this film since the first time I watched it as a child. Disney's creation of her set all my hopes and expectations for my life and in love. Although she did create a lot of impossible expectations in men. For I have met a few too many 'Knights in shining armour', who have only ended up to be the village idiots in tinfoil..  Maybe I did create this version out of a little bitterness from that but I think she now hits reality.

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